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RESNET "Energy Smart" Certified Contractor
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 Central Ohio's FIRST RESNET " Energy Smart" Certified  Contractor

Certificate Number

RESNET EnergySmart Contractors and Builders have the knowledge and training to complete energy efficient retrofits and building projects in a safe and efficient manner. RESNET EnergySmart Contractors and Builders have:

  • Valid licensing and insurance
  • Undergone RESNET-approved energy efficiency training plus annual continuing education
  • Passed a RESNET-administered exam
  • Maintained a RESNET membership in good standing

Energy Efficiency Training

For contractors and builders to gain the RESNET EnergySmart Contractor/Builder designation, they must complete an energy efficiency training course offered by a RESNET-approved training provider, and pass an exam administered by RESNET. The training program and examination have been designed to provide the contractor/builder with a strong background in energy efficiency building and retrofits.

Training and exam topics include:

  • Principles of energy
  • Cost-effective energy efficient practices
  • The house as an inter-related system
  • Combustion safety
  • Order that work must be carried out for optimal safety and effectiveness

RESNET believes that when it comes to your home - and the safety of your family - it is essential to hire contractors who know exactly what they're doing.

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In April 1995, the National Association of State Energy Officials and Energy Rated Homes of America founded the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) to develop a national market for home energy rating systems and energy efficient mortgages.

RESNET's standards are officially recognized by the federal government for verification of building energy performance for such programs as federal tax incentives, the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program and the U.S. Department of Energy's Building America Program. RESNET standards are also recognized by the U.S. mortgage industry for capitalizing a building's energy performance in the mortgage loan, and certification of "White Tags" for private financial investors.

The RESNET website is a one-stop solution where homeowners can learn about the energy audit and rating processes, and search the RESNET directory to find certified energy auditors and raters and qualified contractors and builders. To be included in the directory, these independent, unbiased professionals must complete the required energy training to meet the high standards of excellence that RESNET demands. All RESNET-certified and RESNET-qualified professionals agree to abide by the RESNET Code of Conduct.

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