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Home Design Studio
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See your Home First, then Remodel !
We will design your home's total new look-
See it BEFORE you remodel

See Your Home's New Windows Before you Purchase


See Photorealistic presentation of your Remodel work- Before project ever begins !! 

    Window Depot USA Exclusive: We can show your remodel work on our laptop, fully finished , before the work ever begins. It will include New  Windows &Siding with all colors and styles. New Windows with differing styles  such as Bays, Bows- whatever you want to see on your home- in 100% photorealistic rendering. No longer guess what the job will look like later. See it now ! Then, remodel.
    We transfer a digital picture of your home to our laptop, use our Home Design Studio to alter home to its new products and colors, then we can print you a final photo fully finished. Amazingly realistic !
Only at Window Depot USA of Central Ohio- cutting edge design and technology !
Program shows new windows, siding, roofing, new doors, shutters-and all colors by all manufacturers.

In-home presentation on our Toshiba 17" wide Tru-Brite Screen Laptops. We then print your final glossy photo for your finished project. This has been the single most exciting technology to impact our customers' choices in decades. No more guessing or working with little color swatches. You see the real deal ! Your Home- Your Choice of all products and colors. The future is here ! 

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 Window Depot USA of Central Ohio (Div. of Conte Remodelers,LLC.)
TWO OFFICE Locations to Serve You Best: 
2248 RED BARN ST., Delaware, OH 43015
 740-363-8101  or 800-365-2007

599 CLEVELAND AVE., Marion, OH 43302
740-382-3780  or  800-365-2007

Serving 8 Central Ohio Counties: